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Eastlake Homeowners at 6268 Aventura Drive in Sarasota, Florida

Eastlake Homeowners in 6268 Aventura Drive, Florida: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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General contractor


6268 Aventura Drive,
Sarasota, Florida
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Reviews about Eastlake Homeowners

  • Scott Olson
    February 04, 2018
    1 /5
    Wanted to Update the Tale and I debated whether I should remove the review. But my story will explain why I didn't. So we came to an agreement verbally the beginning of April for me to pay $750 in settlement. It took the board over 2 weeks to approve the agreement and put it in writing on 4/19. Next, it took the board and their attorney's until 6/1 to remove the lien from my house. So, I paid $750 because I was 2 weeks late on their imposed deadline to resod my yard because of rain that prevented me from buying sod. It then takes the board over 2 weeks to approve our agreement and over 2 months to remove the lien. I think this is extremely hypocritical. But, I do give them credit for finally reaching out and initiating a discuss to get the matter resolved. Still would not recommend buying in this neighborhood. Do not buy in this neighborhood unless you want to be harassed and foreclosed on by the Homeowners Association. I laid new sod but missed the Homeowners Association Deadline by 2 weeks because I could not buy sod during the rainy season. I was fined $1,000 ($100 a day for a maximum of $1,000) new the Board is foreclosing on my house for the $1,000 after a $500 settlement offer was declined. BUYER BEWARE
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About Eastlake Homeowners in Sarasota, Florida

Eastlake Homeowners is located at 6268 Aventura Drive, Sarasota, Florida.